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How you would style the pieces - Think Magazine Style

How you would style the pieces - Think Magazine Style

The Esme bra, Camille bodysuit, and Victoria corset are tops I wear out. I’ve always worn lace and dainty, delicate tops and find them super easy to style! 

I love to wear the Esme bra these three ways:

  1. With a cropped blazer, leather pants, and strappy heels
  2. With an opened, silky button down, high-waisted jeans, and pointy closed-toe heel
  3. With an oversized blazer, long enough to be worn as a dress, with stockings and strappy heels or thigh high boots

The Camille bodysuit can go a million different ways, but you’re most likely to find me wearing it:

  1. With an oversized blazer, leather shorts, sheer stockings and knee high boots with a thick heel
  2. With a leather jacket, mini skirt with a slit, and either lace up heels or knee high boots 
  3. With a silky midi-jacket (like an open duster or cardigan style), loose fit jeans, and pointy closed-toe heels

You’ll definitely find me wearing the Victoria Corset:

  1. With silky, high waisted trousers, and pointy boots with a skinny heel
  2. With a long silky skirt and strappy heels
  3. With a matching blazer and skirt set, stockings, and chunky platforms or knee high boots  
  4. With shiny leather pants, or vinyl pants, and ankle booties
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